The dissolving perimeter

The perimeter of the enterprise is dissolving in an environment requiring greater collaboration, oursourcing and integration with both suppliers and customers.  But Consentry's recent report shows that most IT leaders perceive that “external” threats come from inside the enterprise itself… 

Increasing network user diversity is raising concerns that there is a need for a more dynamic approach to LAN security. The following report tackles this issue, advocating an identity-based approach to managing users on the network.

The key drivers for focusing on network security from a user perspective come from the level of transitory, or non-permanent, workers who access network environments on a daily basis. The research found a significant majority of respondents seeing the following groups as a threat to the network:

  • Temporary workers (62%)
  • Guest users (54%)
  • Contractors (51%)

With 82 percent of businesses in the survey saying they have moderate to high levels of nonpermanent workers accessing the network, it appears that the changing shape of the workforce is a contentious issue for security professionals.

Further highlights from the research are as follows:

  • 87% of respondents state that they have multiple levels of user access
  • 82% of respondents recognise the need to increase network security
  • 95% believe there is an increased need for the use of identity-based control
  • 41% of businesses do not have up-to-date network access
  • 65% acknowledge that network access is becoming more diverse and difficult to manage

Download the report here.

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