Kim Cameron is the author of the influential Laws of Identity (2005), which set out the requirements for a digital identity system capable of meeting the Internet’s need for security, privacy, inclusiveness and openness – and therefore enduring. Over time these requirements have become increasingly understood and mandated by regulators and endorsed by technology leaders.

Kim became Architect of Identity at Microsoft in 1999 when it acquired his company. Twenty years later, his work focusses on building decentralized user-owned identity technology.  Its goal is to protect privacy and increase security while enabling existing cloud-based enterprise identity systems to connect “everyone with everyone” – whether they are employees, consumers, partners or suppliers – as well as with the internet of things.

Kim grew up in Canada, attending King’s College at Dalhousie University and l’Université de Montréal. He served on RISEPTIS, the high-level European Union advisory body providing vision and guidance on security and trust in the Information Society. He has won a number of industry awards, including EEMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2012), the European Identity and Cloud Award for Lifetime Achievement (2013),  the Identity North Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award (2016), Digital Identity World’s Innovation Award (2005), Network Computing’s Top 25 Technology Drivers Award (1996) and MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award (2005), Network World’s 50 Most Powerful People in Networking (2005), Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Privacy Award (2007) and’s Agenda Setters 2007. He has an honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree from King’s College, and is on the Board of Directors for ID2020.

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As Architect of Identity at Microsoft, Kim played a leading role in the evolution of Active Directory, Federation Services, Microsoft Identity Manager, CardSpace and Microsoft’s other Identity Metasystem , Azure Active Directory, and most recently, AzureAD B2C and IEF, identity initiatives.

As VP of Technology at ZOOMIT, he pioneered metadirectory technology and built the first shipping product. Before that he led ZOOMIT’s development team in producing a range of SMTP, X.400, X.500, and PKI products, and shipped the first commercial LDAP implementation.

In 2009 he was appointed a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer.

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