CardSpace and OpenSSO

The Sun Developer Network has published an article by Martin Gee entitled Securing Site Access with CardSpace and OpenSSO:

With today's ever-increasing demands for robust security software and systems, alternative authentication and trust mechanisms are gaining popularity. In particular, the user name-password authentication model is typically the root cause of many security frauds. Why? First, many of us record passwords somewhere, rendering them vulnerable for snooping. Second, our tendency to create passwords that are easy to remember makes them easy to be guessed or detected. Consequently, enterprises that have established processes along that model are looking for ways to better safeguard and optimize their systems without major overhauls.

Enter Windows CardSpace (henceforth, CardSpace), a Microsoft-led specification that has been gaining recognition over the past months. CardSpace defines a simplified paradigm that employs a security token called InfoCard for managing digital credentials and is available in Windows XP and Vista.

OpenSSO is Sun's open Web access management project based on Sun Java System Access Manager source code. As part of the open-source Project CardSpace on, ICSynergy has extended OpenSSO to include CardSpace as a simple authentication module. In addition, ICSynergy offers a commercial CardSpace implementation for OpenSSO and Sun Java System Access Manager along with training programs.

This article describes the benefits, basic architecture, and process flow of the CardSpace-OpenSSO authentication module.

It is good to see things coming together across the “crevasses” that used to separate different industry forces.  If you do Java you should look at the Project CardSpace site.

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