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Whenever a patent is granted, the first sign of it is a flurry of weird mail emanating from a well-oiled spam machine that never seems to fail.  It is delivered right to your home address, presumably because the government releases information without setting any conditions on its use.  Beyond having to sort through more garbage, the whole premise of the marketing campaign is creepy.  Here's an example courtesy of Patent Awards:

Your patent commemorative is more than metal and wood – it is tangible evidence that you have made a contribution to this world and future generations.  One of our customers, Mr. Hank Cutler, said it best:

It is always rewarding to have tangible evidence of one's work, apart from publications.  [Gee!  I didn't know that my father/grandfather/great grandfather did that, but here's a plaque to prove it.  Guess I'll have to do better than that.]  Their presence, in family hostory, fuels future generations to do better things.”

What better reason is there to buy a patent commemorative plaque or frame?  Create your lasting memory so that your “presence, in family history, fuels future generations to do better things” by placing an order for your patent plaque or frame today!

Funny, I think of the tangible evidence as being the success of some technology.  The patent is just a necessity for protecting your business in 2007.

The family history stuff is stupefying.  The last thing I would want is to consciously drive my own children to compete with me.  I'm just glad that they are out of beta . 

But hey.  The plaques are so reasonable – anywhere between $128 and $525.  Let's get a bunch. 

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