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I love Tailrank and its little pictures of blogs as this page on the CardSpace OpenID Collaboration Announcement shows.  I wonder how long the pages persist?  I'll have to remember to come back and look at this link in a couple of months.

Meanwhile, I thought I would explore Tailrank further and got to the part where I had to sign in and said to myself, “No, I don't have time for that”. 

Then it occured that this was just one more concrete example of a Web 2.0 opportunity going down the drain.

It seems so clear to me the Web 2.0 community should climb on board this user-centric identity thing ASAP. 


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Kim Cameron

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  1. Kim I agree with you and as a Web 2.0 guy (I guess I can say that since I wrote this: ) I'd love to be able to use CardSpace and WS-Fed to authenticate users.

    The biggest stumbling block I see is the lack of an STS/ID provider. I've built a POC with the Live ID beta STS (which you can access here: but I can only get Nickname and PPID from this service.

    If we had an STS available that allowed federation of email address and First/Lastname then I think we'd be off to the races.

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