The mysterious Mr. Andrews

Some may have seen my piece a few days ago called “So many phish, so little time“. It's about a letter I received from a Mr. Fredrick Andrew, who introduces himself as being an auditor in Singapore but has an email domain name located in Israel. I quoted Mr. Andrew (can I call him Fredrick?) as saying:

‘I have taken pains to find your contact through personal endeavours because a late investor, who bears the same last name with you, has left monies totaling a little over $10 million United States Dollars with Our Bank for the past twelve years and no next of kin has come forward all these years.’

Fredrick “expected (my) prompt response” and wrote, “To affirm your willingness and cooperation to my proposal please do so by email, stating your full names, date of birth, telephone number and fax number.” Although he mentioned that “uttermost CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance”, I felt it was only fair to my readers to indicate that “if one day I just stop blogging, you'll know this has come through for me..”

Well, I recently got a message from someone called Ian through my i-name (which does not reveal my actual email address). Here goes:


‘One of my friend Also receives an email from Mr Fredrick Andrew. Is that a spam or true email?

‘My friend replied to him and they exchanged email for about a week. My friend also send the signed agreement to him. Which my friend thinks that there is nothing wrong if he sends it to Fredrick.

‘Actually Fredrick also called my friend last week. Asking about the Signed Agreement.

‘So what is your verdict? IS the email coming from Fredrick Andrew is tru?

‘Please email me… thanks…’

You know what, Ian? I don't think it was a good idea for your friend to send his personal identifying information to Mr. Andrews. But I may be wrong. Almost all my investment decisions have turned out to be mediocre. I mean, I even think Google is overpriced. And this may be yet another instance of missing on an investment opportunity! So keep me posted on how things turn out…

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