Federated Identity and Access Resource Kit

After a whole lot of development effort, we finally have a resource kit available which allows you to build and experiment with most aspects of the InfoCard world – identity provider, identity selector and relying party. I think everyone, including those whose primary interest is in developing compatible components on other platforms, will find this version of the software very helpful. This is still not the final look – we are still learning from and responding to usability studies, and adjusting “the glass”. Further, we can't claim that we won't have to tweak the protocols slightly if we need to fix problems. But there's enough here that you see exactly what is possible – and most important, how simple it is.

Here's the view from Andy's InfoCard Blog.

What a great week, last week! I met many of you at PDC, discussing InfoCard and the Identity Metasystem. I learned plenty from you, understanding the scenarios, your customers’ requirements, or discussing how other technologies could use “InfoCard”. Thank you!

As I promised at the PDC, we'll make the resource kit available to the public this week. This resource kits contains a document and samples, describing step-by-step instructions on how to build “Indigo” (WCF) applications/services that use “InfoCard”. In addition, it also includes Security Token Services (STS) samples that you can customize. Now, you could build an end-to-end scenario, and play the role of Identity Provider, or Relying Party or both.

As the name indicates, this release only works with WinFX Sept 2005 CTP and VS 2005 Extensions for Sept 2005 CTP. Please install in the followin order:

Since you'll be using pre-release versions, I recommend using a test machine.

Enjoy, and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback!

If you have problems or comments on your experiences trying out the resource kit, Andy has comments enabled on his site and wants to use these to help guide everyone through the process of understanding the technology.

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