Pete Rowley, identity guru from RedHat, is one of the first to have logged into my site using an infocard. His report:

Kim Cameron blogs INFOCARDS ON IDENTITYBLOG which is good news for open source because Kim recently converted his blog to WordPress on the LAMP stack. It is also good news for InfoCards and the identity meta-system since according to Kim’s own laws of identity the meta-system is required to be platform agnostic in order to ensure success.

If you are itching to try out InfoCards be advised that it appears that only the combination of Windows XP SP2, WinFX, and IE7.0 Beta 2 will work. Vista appears to have issues. Registration to the site is painless, present your InfoCard as you would to log in and you are sent an email with a link to confirm. That is it.

Since this is an ongoing effort to integrate InfoCards with WordPress you should expect to see missing functionality, for example, having logged in you are still required to enter your name and email address in order to leave a comment.

I look forward to seeing the code.

Pete is right. At this point in time you still have to diddle and twiddle a bit to get the “right combination” of software for all the alpha and beta pieces to work together properly. I'll be posting something about how to download the magical bits combination.

He's also right that there are problems with InfoCard in the current version of the Vista beta – you are better off running it on XP for the time being. We have Vista bits where most of these issues are fixed, but not in a form we can release.

It's also true this is a work in progress – I appreciate Pete's support in helping set expectations.

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