A while ago I mentioned I had written some PHP code that would InfoCard-enable my site.

Problem was that when I went to put it onto my production server, I discovered that it runs the latest version of WordPress, and handles users and registration quite a bit differently than does the version running on my test machine.

I basically like the changes, but they have cramped my style a bit.

Now I've got things working again, though there are still bugs for me to fix. In particular, you can get into wierd states if you edit your profile – please wait a while.

Also, some of the user experience is still pretty “basic”. Like what happens if you click on infocard login and don't have infocards installed. When I have some time I'll make that take you to a page that tells you what infocards are, how they work, how to install them, and that sort of thing. But for now, the behavior should appeal to lovers of cryptic error messages.

A bunch of people have been downloading the InfoCard client and trying it on my site. Now it should work. Next I publish the source, and will do a code walkthrough, explaining the tokens and how to use them.

This stuff is all very alpha right now and there are things about WordPress that I don't fully understand. So, together we should be able to have some fun. People may have hints about my “use” of php as well. Too bad about this architect thing – I do love programming.

By the way, even though there isn't an open source version of InfoCards available yet, I hope my demonstration of what you can do on the LAMP stack helps advance the availability of InfoCard on non-windows systems.

UPDATE:  The token handling code is explained here and includes a zip.  I still haven't finished writing up the tutorial on what you have to change in WordPress.

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