Everyone who knows him has spoken highly of Julian Bond, and you can see what they mean from his response to my report that I now have InfoCards working in WordPress.

He begins by quoting my last posting:

I have good news. I’ve now been able to put together some mods for WordPress that allow my site to accept infocards.

The mods were written in PHP, and Johannes Ernst – who I’ve been speaking with at the Berkman Identity Workshop – has asked me to publish the code on my blog. So I will. And I’ll explain how it works.

I realize InfoCards aren’t exactly ubiquitous right now, so you won’t be able to try it out immediately. But this weekend I’ll be posting a link to a video of the user experience.

Then the kicker:

This is tremendous news. Let me be the first to congratulate Kim. And I promise to put Mr Cynical back in the box.

This really makes me feel good. Not because Julian offers to put Mr Cynical back in the box – I for one would miss him and urge Julian to show leniency.

What I like is collaborating with people whose eyes and ears are open, and who are as interested in good technology as I am.

Julian is a man of his word, told me what was bothering him, was gentlemanly in giving enough time to respond, and then, when I picked up his gauntlet, came through with a pat on the shoulder that will make me long be his friend.

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