A great idea from Julian Bond

Commenting on my over-excited piece from yesterday, Julian Bond replies:

Rather than launch another rant, let me try and ask a simple question that relates to your last sentence.

Pick a very popular open source web system wth very wide deployment. It doesn't matter which, but something like Drupal, phpBB, WordPress, Movable Type, PHP-Nuke.

This is a really good idea, Julian.

Now try and imagine a roadmap where Infocard gets implemented on that application and gets widely deployed.

I don't know about you but I can't imagine that given what's been said about Infocard so far.

OK. I'm going to pick one of these and show exactly how I would do it. It will make everything a lot more concrete. I've got some other pieces in progress – plus my job – so it may take me a couple of days. But I very much appreciate the suggestion.

If that is “a question for the community at large”. Then MS is turning it's back on that section of the web community. Does that matter? Maybe not. But it does set the scene.

I really don't know how to get this across, Julian, but I will never turn my back on any section of the web community. Quite the opposite. I am deeply committed to this: identity architecture and technology must benefit and embrace our whole community (I speak of everyone-everywhere, not some-people-somewhere). I spend my days and nights trying to reach across the fault lines to make that possible.

Your proposal to get very concrete about a sample roadmap is really a good one. I appreciate it.

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