How Hot is Cool?

Bill Barnes, who is the UI guru in new ways to “reify” identity here in the Identity and Access group at Microsoft, sent me this sobering thought about Craig‘s “sunspot-hot” comment:

I thought sunspots were actually cool spots on the sun

But of course, everything is relative:

Fisher says sunspots are still quite hot: “Instead of being about 5800 degrees Kelvin like the rest of the photosphere, the temperature of a sunspot is more like 4000 degrees Kelvin. But that is still very hot, compared to anything here on earth.”
Of course the Fifth Law transcends the earth.
Anyway, I'll get to this one day, but Bill is a very funny cartoonist as well, and is creator of a strip called “Unshelved“. He has a great sense of what identity is. And a certain firmness of approach:

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