The Seventh Law of Identity — Overnamed

I'm happy to go with Craig and P.T. about the name of the seventh law. After all, who can argue with this posting from Craig Burton:

Kim put forth the seventh — and final — law of identity Sunday:

The Law of Harmonious Contextual Autonomy

Kim, my man, the length and complexity of this name is too much. I want to be able to remember the laws easily and to use them as needed. The name you chose makes this objective impossible. I know you are dealing with complicated issues here, but please consider taking another cut at it. How about just “The Law of Contexts”? Something shorter and easier to remember, please.

Why was I trying to cram so much into the title? I don't know. I was running out of laws. It was a terrible feeling. What could I do?

Anyway, I squeezed too hard. And now I will make amends. I'm so glad we have a blog here and we can do all of this in real time. It is a great way to work.

So let's go with your much simpler and superior title for the Seventh Law:

The Law of Contexts:

The unifying identity metasystem MUST facilitate negotiation between a relying party and user of a specific identity – presenting a harmonious human and technical interface while permitting the autonomy of identity in different contexts.

I think it's a take.

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