Claims Transformations

A claims transformation converts one or more ‘input claims’ into an ‘output claim’.

There are a number of different claims transformations supported in AAD B2C, and new transformations types will be added as required.

Sometimes it is helpful to have some constant defined in the policy that is used as part of the transformation.  This is done by allowing a ‘parameter’ to be defined as an input to the transformation.  Claims transformations have this structure:

<ClaimsTransformation Id="[Name of the transformation in your policy]" TransformationMethod="[Type of transformation]">
          <InputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="[Claim name in your policy schema]" TransformationClaimType="[Claim name in the transformation]" />
          <InputParameter Id="[Parameter name in the transformation]" DataType="[Some primitive type]" Value="[The value of the parameter]" />
          <OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="[Claim name in your policy schema]" TransformationClaimType="Claim name in the transformation]" />

Different transformation methods call for different input claims, parameters and output claims.

Currently available transformation types are listed here and the detail pages explain the claims exchanged and contain concrete examples:

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