Identityblog software updated

I've updated my WordPress blogging software, and installed the nifty new PamelaWare Information Card plugin.  Pamela, congratulations to you and your colleagues for a great job on this plugin!  The install was amazingly clean.  It's ready for prime time. 

Meanwhile, if anyone notices any features of the blog that aren't working properly, please let me know.  So far, it seems too smooth to be true.  So congratulations to our friends at WordPress too!


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Kim Cameron

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2 thoughts on “Identityblog software updated”

  1. The new PamelaWare login works great with my Higgins-based selector from Great job Pamela!

    (But the tiny little red ‘i’ logo at the top of the page seems to be pointed at the old i-card login URL. Seems like you could remove this one, since you now have a giant purple ‘i’, too.)

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