A C# Code Library for building an Information Card STS

I just heard about SharpSTS – a new open source project that allows you to implement a custom claims provider that will support Identity Selectors like CardSpace.  Better still, the code base has been posted.  Barry Dorrans, from idunno.org,  says:

Dominick and David beat me to the punch; last night I hit the “publish” button on codeplex for SharpSTS; a C# library to allow you to develop Information Card Security Token Services.

As with all open source projects there is still a bunch of work to do; as it stands we have a command line STS which should allow you to get started. Well; if you can work out from the source code what you need to do 🙂

Over the coming weeks and months I, as dictator, Dominick Baier and David  Christiansen hope to deliver a stable, tested, code base from which you can deliver managed information cards to your users, as well as a test web site which will issue and accept managed cards.

In the mean time you can download the code, implement your own authorisation policy provider and get started. In the meantime we’re guiding the rough beast, its hour come round at least, slouching towards Redmond to be born (with apologies to Yeats).

Wow.  Not only an STS but Yeats too!

SharpSTS is a C# code library which enables easy development of a Security Token Service, the server component for managed Information Cards.

To begin developing with SharpSTS you will need Visual Studio 2008 Standard (or higher), an SSL certificate and a client system that supports Information Cards.

The source code is available from http://www.codeplex.com/sharpSTS and is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-Pl).

For those who are curious, the SharpSTS site includes a notice making it clear that “this web site, service and code are unaffiliated with Microsoft…”.

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