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Friends have pointed out that the awards panel at ranked me at No. 33 on their Agenda Setters Top 50 List for 2007. Looking at the people on the list, it's a great honor, and one which I think reflects the fact that more and more people are understanding the importance of identity. writes:

Kim Cameron is the only Microsoft name to appear on the 2007 Agenda Setters list and he's there because the panel felt that the identity management work he oversees is one of the few really innovative areas where Microsoft is active.

As ID and access guru at the software giant, Cameron has driven the development of systems such as the Active Directory, which helps users identify fraudulent activity to combat spam and phishing.

With online crime and fraud on the rise, Microsoft's Vista incorporates a lot of the technology that Cameron has been overseeing and which is being promoted as a major advantage of the new operating system.

Security and ID management will continue to be a big issue and so the work Cameron has been doing will continue to be extremely influential over the next few years.

For the record, I actually think this is quite a good time in terms of innovation at Microsoft. I see the company's support for my work, which would challenge any organization, as a remarkable sign. But this isn't the moment to cast aspersions on the panel's good sense!

So instead, I'd like to thank them for their interest in identity.  In my view the honor really belongs to all those who have been working on identity and security issues and technology, both inside Microsoft and across the industry.

By the way, people actually get to vote to increase or decrease my ranking (see below).   (This may not be ideal since Linus Torvalds and a number of other popular technologists appear below me in the list! )

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