Windows Financial Services “Best of the Blogs” list

I'm pleased to see the editors of Windows in Financial Services put identityblog on its “Best of the Blogs” list.   Welcome to any readers who “get here from there.” 

It's impressive for a publication so intensely focussed on financial services to invite its readers into a parallel universe which, as the editors put it, “…addresses the innumerable ramifications of this growing problem [identity theft – Kim]…”.  Yup.  There are definitely a lot of ramifications around here.

Identity theft is fast progressing as a huge threat to financial institutions everywhere, especially in the area of online banking.  In his “Identity Weblog,” Kim Cameron, Microsoft’s architect for identity, addresses innumerable ramifications of this growing problem, ranging from illegal sale of stolen credit card information on the Web, to whether or not schoolchildren should be fingerprinted, to technical solutions such as encryption. 

In an April 2nd entry, Kim answers questions from his readers about CardSpace, an encryption technology that can be enabled for .NET 2.0 through the use of Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox for Windows CardSpace. C lick below to read Kim’s advice on subjects such as how CardSpace prevents phishing – even when used in conjunction with passwords – and to find out how to ask him ID-related questions of your own.

So, welcome to any new readers and please make yourselves at home.  Extra bonus:  you'll have a chance to use CardSpace when posting comments.

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