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Sergey Shishkin reports that a new developer's kit will be released by newtelligence AG.

newtelligence AG announces plans to release the newtelligence CardSpace SDK, a Software Development Kit for Microsoft Windows CardSpace. The SDK, based on newtelligence expertise in information security, will help developers build more robust CardSpace-enabled application on the .NET platform – with ease.Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 was released in November 2006 and introduced Windows CardSpace – a user-centric digital identity solution.

CardSpace allows developers to leverage federated security and single sign-on in their solutions. As a leading security expert company, newtelligence investigated .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows CardSpace starting from its early, pre-released versions and developed technology samples to clearly demonstrate to customers the underlying technology as well as provide best practices for its use.

Although CardSpace is based on the standardized web service security protocols (WS-* standards), developing CardSpace-enabled applications is challenging. Developers have to possess solid knowledge not only in web service security protocols but also in cryptography and XML.

newtelligence SDK for Windows CardSpace will provide a comprehensible API for key CardSpace application scenarios: Programmatic creation of managed information cards; requesting and validating security tokens in Microsoft Windows and web applications; and issuing security tokens. Use of the API will increase software security and developer productivity: Writing secure software is simplified and less software coding is required to achieve the desired, secure functionality. To aid understanding of the SDK and of CardSpace in general, a reference application and additional code samples covering different aspects of the API usage will accompany the SDK.

The newtelligence CardSpace SDK will contain complete source code of the API and is intended for personal use only. For more information regarding availability, licensing or reuse of the SDK, please contact us.

One of Sergey's readers comments:

How about just releasing it instead of announcing the announcement 😉

Sergey responds:

Dominick, the work is in progress now. The release is of course the goal 🙂

I'm glad to see Dominick so itchy.  Sergey says he will host a discussion about the API on his blog.

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