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Everyone who has met me has probably met my colleague Mike Jones, who put his work as a researcher at MSR on hold because he got so interested in user-centric identity and Information Cards.  He has now started to blog – check out the InfoCard showing Mike and Dale onstage at Novell Brainshare. 

For those new to Information Cards, you don't normally share an InfoCard with someone else.  This was truly a “they did it because they could” moment… 

On March 21st at Novell’s BrainShare 2007 conference, Dale Olds and I co-presented the session “Who are you? From Directories and Identity Silos to Ubiquitous User-Centric Identity”. Our presentation was a brief history of digital identity solutions, ranging from a password per application to interoperable user-centric digital identity using the Information Card metaphor and several steps in between.

demo self-issued cardThe coolest thing in the session was the first public demo of the Bandit/Higgins cross-platform Identity Selector. During the demo Dale and I both used the same self-issued Information Card (that I created on the BrainShare show floor 🙂 ) to log into a Bandit relying party site, Dale from Linux and me with Windows CardSpace. As Dale and Pat Felsted blogged, two days later the Bandits also demonstrated their selector running on the Mac. Also see Pat’s post on the Details of the Cross Platform Identity Selector.

Great progress towards enabling everyone to answer the question “Who are you?” online with the Information Card of their choice!

BTW, you'll see that Mike, like me, is using pamelaware for WordPress – and accepts comments through infocards.  If you use WordPress, you should check it out.

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