Two new CardSpace videos by Richard Turner

My colleague Richard Turner  has just done a Channel 9 CardSpace Simple Demo that begins with a detailed look at the user experience, exploring many features of the interface, explaining why we put them there, and showing CardSpace working with both IE 7 and FireFox. 

It then moves on to a code walkthrough using visual studio, showing how to tweak your site so it accepts Information Cards (produced by CardSpace or other interoperable implementations).

I suspect the hardest part of enabling a site for Cardspace V1.0 is setting up the ssl certificate.  And Richard must agree, because he has gone the extra length and produced a second Channel 9 video that shows How to Configure IIS to Support Windows CardSpace.  I sure wish I had this when I started fooling around with this stuff!

The source code for the demo will be posted here this week.  Richard is working on other related videos as well.

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