Make sure children are calm

Continuing to explore the new specialty of child fingerprinting, I came across a nice piece on this phantasmagorical teaching aid:

Not surprisingly, people are responding to this preposterous misuse of identity with sites like leavethemkidsalone.  These people know how to communicate.  Take a look at this little video

Amazingly, those caught up in child fingerprinting have broken the first four laws of identity all in one go.  This will come back to haunt them – and much worse, may stalk some of their little victims.

First, both the parents and the children should have been asked for consent – and given the opportunity to opt out (law 1).  Second, far more information is being collected than is required by what the schools are using it for (law 2).  Third, this information is in the hands of unwarranted parties (law 3).  Fourth, a non-revocable omnidirectional identifier (you can't change fingerprints) is being used in a an interaction where a unidirectional (context-specific) identifier would do just fine, paving the way for many attacks on the individuals’ privacy and security (law 4). 

Strangest of all, though we can predict with near certainty that the information being collected will leak over time, the schools and government seem to have no concern for the unnecessary liability they are assuming.  Strange.  Perhaps, in Britain, they are immune to law suits?

Already we see the first repercussions.  In fact the Dudley school system teaching aid shown above was taken down in response to a leavethemkidsalone story.

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