Trying to understand technorati tags

A picture named weird.gifI've been playing with technorati tags so I could develop the practical understanding necessary to at least follow the discussion about how they relate to directory.

I think tags have interesting possibilities as a technology – more on this when I understand them better. But there are aspects of the way technorati works which still mystify me.

At the right, for example, is a screenshot of what technorati displayed yesterday when I searched for the Identity Metasystem Tag (a new tag I threw into the “tag pool”).

There seems to be a certain amount of randomness here. For example, why do some of my entries show up with a picture while others do not.

Why does Linux Journal Does The Identity Metasystem have no picture? Why does it have zero links when the URL is the same one other entries peg at 181 links? Why does the first entry have a title of HASH?

Are these bugs or am I doing something wrong? Who can I connect with at technorati to understand these issues?

Anyone know?

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Kim Cameron

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