Temporary problems logging in?

A number of people have had problems logging in to my blog from non-CardSpace identity selectors.  Eric Norman writes:

As of the upgrade today, I can't get to Kim's blog any more. The same thing happens with either Firefox or Safari.

When I click on the link to log in with an InfoCard, I get redirected to an error page that says I submitted an invalid one (see attachment).

I suspect that the problem is in on the WordPress side since it happens with two separate browsers, but I suppose it's possible that they both share some bad code.

In any case, I would be glad to help diagnose the problem…

I do come from an academic environment and we here do care a lot about interoperability across platforms. While I understand that all this code is still very experimental, I am faced with the problem that it worked yesterday and doesn't work today.

As long as I'm trying to help debug, I'll mention one other thing.

I don't know if this is still a problem since I can't get far enough any more. Neither of the above identity selectors have the ability to export and import cards, so I just had to install a new card on each. Whenever I would switch browsers, I would have to go through  the email verification bit again. This could get rather noisome.

It appears that the server side just remembers the last card that contains an email address instead of all of them.

So first, let me say I threw my blog into Pamela mode as part of the Pamela beta – hoping people who come here would be willing to put up with any inconvenience.  Maybe I should have asked first!  And I probably should have asked for Project Pamela's permission as well.  What can I say?  I'm an architect and I get excited about things.  I've really wanted to get on to production code. 

Make a note not to hire me as your operations manager…

We'll get it sorted out ASAP.  I'll post when we get things fixed.  In the meantime, if you use the Safari or Firefox Java identity selectors please use my i-name (or my email) to send your comments and I'll post them.

In terms of Eric's comment that it should be possible to register several cards at once, I know Pamela Project wants to work on that.

Finally, we need a cross-vendor automated test suite that includes tokens produced by everyone's implementations.  All of us will want to test with such a resource.

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3 thoughts on “Temporary problems logging in?”

  1. I also had problems for a long time logging into identityblog using cardSpace, but for a different reason. To solve the problem, I just completely uninstalled Microsoft.NET framework, 1,1.2,2 and 3 and then did a fresh install of Microsoft.NET framework 3.5 on my XP laptop. Now I can finally logon to identityblog with a self-issued card. Phew….

    The problem was a misleading error message from an old version of CardSpace on my laptop generating a message that only a ‘managed card’ can be used to log onto the identityblog site when that's not true!

    The identityblog error redirection page compounded the problem with the sentence ‘Did the error mention a managed card?’ This can send people on a wild goose chase to find such a thing.

    It might be a good Idea to mention on the error page that XP users need to have the latest version of .NET framework v3.5 installed and then the infocard login with a self issued card works just fine.

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