Identity Selector Permutations

Check out this interesting set of Identity Selector Permutations posted by Paul Madsen on his ConnectID blog.

In trying to make sense of the various combinations of OS, browser, plugins etc for enabling a client with a Cardspace compatible identity selector, I created the following graphic (click to enlarge…)

Caveat: It's almost certainly wrong in places, and doesn't account for Higgins.  


Update: Neil Macehiter adds some details.

  • Chuck's extension appears to require Firefox 2
  • XMLDAP requires Java 1.5
  • CardSpace on XP requires .NET Framework 3

  • #1 is the all Microsoft scenario
  • #2 ties Firefox into the Cardspace identity selector through the selector from Kevin Miller.
  • #3 ties Firefox into Cardspace through Kevin's plug-in, but allows for the scenario of a user choosing to use a different identity selector than Cardspace
  • #4 is Chuck Mortimer‘s Firefox plugin as an alternative identity selector to Cardspace.
  • #5 is a non-Cardspace identity selector for Safari.


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