Hang on to your eyeballs! Epic 2015

A picture named googlezon.jpg Here is a must-see video clip called Epic 2015 that extrapolates current events and practices forward into a disturbing identity future. I doubt many will be able to stop themselves from laughing while they watch this, but not many will walk away thinking they have just seen a comedy!

I need to thank Lena Kannappan of France Telecom for sending me the link to this. Lena is a visionary – a founder of the Liberty Alliance – and the person who is now in charge of the OMA's Mobile Web Services group. (That's not him shown in the identity card clip from the video, by the way! )

I chatted with Lena at the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) meeting in Montreal recently, where I was doing an informational presentation on InfoCards and the concept of an Identity Metasystem.

Lena is one of those people who is always “really interesting”. I hope to record some of my ongoing conversation with him so others, who follow this blog, can share firsthand his perceptions and ideas about how the telecom industry differs from (and intersects with) the internet-based software industry in this age of increasing convergence. I hope we can also explore what all this this means for identity.

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