Gabe Wachob claims a certain clairvoyance in this post. But I don't want anyone to underestimate the drama even for me.  Friendly discussion is slightly different from everyone actually landing on the same page.

For those of us who've been helping to promote OpenID, today's announcement that Microsoft will work to get OpenID and Cardspace working well together is absolutely no surprise. Kim Cameron, Mike Jones and the rest of the crew have been saying both very rosy things, as well as giving some well-appreciated constructive criticism.

Today, there was an announcement (see Scott Kveton, Dick Hardt, Michael Graves, David Recordon, Johannes Ernst, or Kim Cameron for details) that Janrain, SXIP, Verisign and Microsoft  ” will collaborate on interoperability between OpenID and Windows CardSpaceâ„¢ to make the Internet safer and easier to use.” Let me assure you that from personal experience I know the parties involved all want to make OpenID and Cardspace succeed – the agendas here are amazingly open and transparent.

This is a big deal folks – i encourage you to read those blog entries, rather than have me summarize it here. Apparently Bill G even spoke about openid at the RSA keynote this morning! 

Gabe was also part of an IPR podcast that sounds interesting and is described here.

There's a nice piece on the announcement in O'Reilly Radar here.

Really great news coming on Ping Identity.



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