Move over, Jeopardy! Watch out, Vegas!

Anyone who has heard Citigroup's Hilary Ward speaking at identity conferences knows Citi has the understanding and experience needed to launch a major league identity team.  And it looks like it's happening.  They have some very interesting new technology, and will be issuing high assurance certificates.

Beyond that, these folks have a sense of humor.

My friend Francis just sent me Citi's new Vegas Quiz game based around Identity and Digital Certificates.  

It will be played by visitors to the Citigroup booth at the upcoming Assoication of Financial Professionals (AFP) conference in Las Vegas.


You must present a high-assurance digital certificate to win, so get ready!

The quiz is a real achievement in integration.  It's built with Windows Presentation Foundation – and uses digital certificate information read from Smart Cards or USB tokens.

The player's score is then written out to a Word document which in turn is signed using the digital certificate from the store. 

All joking aside, one can see that the real-world version of this will be a dynamite application in this world of SOX and increasing quality of process.

I'm also willing to bet this is the first application that combines high-assurance digital certificates with the Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly Avalon).

I can just imagine all this stuff integrated with InfoCards.


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