Cardspace + FAT32 = Unhappiness

Pamela Dingle has posted some information we need to get out more broadly: 

Important installation note for people wanting to play with CardSpace: CardSpace only works when installed on an NTFS filesystem. If you are planning on setting up the July CTP and playing with CardSpace, make sure your C: drive is not FAT32. (more…)

We can't get the same kind of access control protection  with FAT as we can with NTFS – for example the ability to set permissions at the directory and file level –  so we set the bar at NTFS.


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2 thoughts on “Cardspace + FAT32 = Unhappiness”

  1. Well, that was a bitch. Pamela and I worked on this all week. She examined the error log being produced by the CardSpace control panel and suggested that the problem was FAT32. I reluctantly converted my c: drive to NTFS.

    Hey, the CardSpace control panel works and I was able to log into the Sandbox and–as this comment is a witness–I can now login to the identity blog.

    Whew. I love using an infocard to login. Getting there was no fun.

    I will also document this on my blog.

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