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If you want to try out Cardspace, you should go to Cardspace Sandbox and follow the install instructions there.

Pamela Dingle has written about the site here.  Her description of Cardspace is great, although I really do recommend following the installation instructions.  In fact, if you don't follow them you will likely have problems.

Remember that if you have installed previous versions of various components, they probably won't work properly for login until you put in the new versions.  The reason is that in response to customers and other vendors, we have had to introduce “breaking changes”.  People tell us about things that can be improved, and we try to do so.  We've chosen not to become enmired in “premature backward compatibility” given that we are still in beta.

So I'll review some of what it tells you at the Sandbox:

Install Internet Explorer 7.0
  The Sandbox site currently requires Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 3 when using Windows CardSpace.
Install the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Componetns July CTP
  The Sandbox site requires the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components July CTP to be installed on your local Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 computer in order to use Windows CardSpace.
Start using Windows CardSpace!
  Create a new user account or login using your Information Card.  

Log into the Sandbox, and log into my site using the “Login” button.  You won't need to create an account.  Just answer the email my system sends you and you will be registered and able to comment.

Remember, if you have previous beta versions of .NET framework or IE 7 components above you need to go to the Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs, and delete them.  You'll find detailed instructions if you follow the install links.  I did it myself and didn't find it onerous at all, though I needed help removing the earlier version of IE 7.

Craig Burton writes:

Cardspace Sandox looks like a good place to have some guidance for Infocards and Cardspace. However, I have tried some of the stuff they recommend and got stopped because of the requirements.

In the mean time, I have issued myself an infocard but I have yet to find a place that accepts it–including Kim Cameron's identityweblog.

Waiting for Kim to respond. I would make a comment on his blog about all of this but I can't because I haven't figured out how to create an account.

This is ridiculous.

Indeed – there is a bit of Catch 22 since to put a comment on my blog, you need to log in with an infocard.

More and more people are getting Cardspace runing.  For example, while I was writing this, in came a comment posted by Bavo De Ridder, who wrote:

Ok, I have installed .NET 3.0 July CTP and since I already had IE7 Beta 3, it took only a few minutes, no reboot required. This stuff seems to be of good quality already! 

Bavo was able to add his comment without going through “moderation” – contributing to the identity silo thing.

Bavo was able to add his comment without going through “moderation” – contributing to .So courage my friends, and please follow the instructions posted at the Sandbox.  Like Bavo, I think the quality is getting quite good – the hard part is making sure your versions are right.

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