We now have bits that make it easy to try out InfoCard from Windows XP.  You can download them here.  In other words, we've moved beyond the problems of conflicting versions that plagued us earlier.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Rick for pointing out that when you follow the link, you'll see a button allowing you to download  Microsoft Pre-Release Software WinFX Runtime Components – Beta2.  Click on that button.  InfoCard is part of that Beta.  Sorry I didn't make this clearer.

This is still not the final UI – which is continuing to evolve.  There are also some known “issues”.  One is that when you export your cards and reimport them, the keys change.  Another is that there is an incompatibility with tablet PC meaning that, on tablet, you can only use InfoCard once and then need to reboot. 

None the less, you will get self-asserted cards out of the box (though there is no box).  I'll also be posting links to some managed cards so you can try that out.

For those who are interested in building relying parties and identity providers on the Windows platform, you'll get everything you need here.

Once you've got an infocard, go to “Login” or “Dashboard” at the top right of identityblog and leave a comment…  Let me know wht you think.  There's no moderation – with an InfoCard you can publish directly to the blog.

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  1. Great to see this working.

    One suggestion: it's not completely clear that one needs to re-signin on the link sent in email. You may want explicit instructions to click on the signin button again.

  2. Hi Kim, you might want to pimp a link to the Microsoft Live Labs Security Token Service “Getting Started” page, which offers an easy set of steps to install what XP users need to use InfoCards — which I then used to login here.

    A couple of problems with using them on your site so far:
    1. After logging on, replying to the email, etc., I was then unable to Logout. I'd click on the Logout link and nothing would change. Eventually I had to close all my browser windows, re-open IE7, and come back to this site before I would be logged out.

    2. Even though I appear to be logged out (judging by the top bar of your site now reads “Login”), right above this comment box, I'm told “Welcome back n00b nation.” I'm assuming that's from the cookie(s) from the earlier session, but if I logout, my personal expectation as a user is that your site would cease recognizing me.

    3. So I tried to add this comment, but it told me I needed to be logged on. Unfortunately when I logged on with my InfoCard, it didn't return me to this page, but instead to the main IdentityBlog page.

    Complaints aside, I like the blog and am really interested in the work you're doing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kim,

    Is it just me or does your site have an invalid cert. When I attempt to login using my new Infocard in IE7 I get the infamous “warning, go back, do not enter, danger ahead” and things go all red (really more pink).

    Given the primary drivers of Infocard are to save us from all the web evils of today it would seem this is contrary reinforcement when I must ignore all the security warnings to log in.

    [Kim Responds]: Michael, I don't see that on my system.&nbsp Can you send screen shots and any info that might help me figure it out?&nbsp Does anyone else see the red bar?

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