Arun Gupta, who works on Web Services at Sun, recently wrote about a remarkable demo at Java One showing interoperability between GlassFish and InfoCard.

We, at Sun Microsystems, have been working with Microsoft for past several months on achieving interoperability between Java EE and .NET technologies. Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT, a.k.a Project Tango) is Sun's Web services interoperability portal and provides all information on that effort. Earlier yesterday, we gave a demonstration of our work so far in JavaOne 2006 keynote. The main points from the talk is that Project GlassFish community and Windows Communication Foundation make Interoperability a Reality TODAY.

A video clip of the keynote demo is available HERE. This clip starts with our keynote presentation where Nick Kassem explains the business scenario which shows how Web services technologies enables integration within and across business boundaries. Watch me explaining the development environment to Jeff Jackson from 3:46 to 4:48. All the tools and technologies used in the demo are available today. And then Kirill Gavrylyuk shows an interoperability demo between Infocard and Sun's Secure Token Service. A picture is worth thousand words, here is a graphical representation of the scenario.

On the right, a Retail Quote Service (RQS), running in Sun-managed environment, uses Wholesale Quote Service (WQS) to serve car quotes to Java and WCF consumers shown on the bottom left. RQS also gets competitive bids from a WQS running in a Microsoft managed environment. The clients talk to the RQS secure MTOM, RQS talks to WQS using a Secure and Reliable Connection. Each managed environment has it's own identity provider, also known as Secure Token Service or STS in short. A trust relationship between the two environments is enabled by a trust relationship between a priori trust relationship between STS.

We also plan to share the demo code in the near future and I'll post another blog when it's available.

Check out some of the pictures I took at JavaOne on Tuesday. This picture shows me, Nick and Kirill.

More information on the GlassFish interoperability project is available here.  Arun gives a number of other download links in the full posting.

I'm sure I'm not alone in applauding Sun's work towards identity interoperability and their readiness to collaborate with others of us in the industry to get to an identity metasystem.  As an industry we've come a long way in the last year or two.  All will benefit.  This really represents progress in getting to the Identity Big Bang and the intelligent environment.  Kudos to all those at Sun and Microsoft who made this happen.


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