Here's some of what Phil Becker had to say in the DIDW newsletter: 

This week I saw a significant “state change” occur in this year and a half “Identity Gang” evolution, and it tells me things are going to start to happen. Some of those involved will be happy this is so, others most likely won’t be. But for those not directly involved (i.e. most of the population) it was, in my opinion, a tremendously significant moment in the evolution of the identity conversation, and one that will have many significant ramifications going forward – though these will likely take another year to become clear to those not paying close attention.

They are working on the issues of what form identity must take to become ubiquitously deployable, become something that will be adopted comfortably by users, and how we can ever get there from here.

The first sign that the required significant shifts are occurring is visible in the titles of the sessions this un-conference produced on its first day. These titles have all subtly shifted in ways that indicate there is no longer any question that there is a single, over-arching story behind the identity conversation, and that the mission now is to figure out how to converge the many efforts that are underway.

These efforts were each begun with a very different mission and with a very different use/case and problem set driving them, and this has previously created division and competition. This time, however, it was clear that everyone was looking for where they should get on board, and how to avoid having their goals left out.

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