Few know more about conferences than Doc, who has attended more than one of them: 

Kaliya HamlinMy Internet Identity Workshop pictures are up.

The event, an unconference, was one of the best conferences, prefix or no, that I've ever been to, much less been part of.

Here's Phil Windley's wrap. He also has an earlier list of inbound kudos for the conf.

Kaliya (pictured above) Hamlin, who organized the event's “open space” approach, has these reflections. Kaliya and Phil did most of the hard work of putting the conf together. I'm listed as an “organizer”, but that's an extreme exaggeration.

Kim Cameron called it a “superevent”.

Dave had nice things to report too. (Here are some more birthday pix.)

Next up: Berkman‘s Identity Mashup conference at Harvard Law School, June 19-21. (Watch the Identity Gang wiki for pointers.)


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