I&#39ve been promising to share the sample code I wrote to InfoCard-enable my site.

Working on this, it became pretty clear that I needed to explain how tokens work before I could explain how the related code works.

And then, since few people so far have access to InfoCard bits compatible with my site, I saw that I needed to do a demo of what the user experience would be, showing how InfoCards actually work.

Finally, thanks to the review work of a number of colleagues across a number of different companies, I have a Simple InfoCard Tutorial and Demo ready for you to try out.  Watch the five-minute demo, and then follow this link into the tutorial.

Are you using Windows Media player?  Then use this version of my demo, encoded with the Techsmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC).  If your system complains that the codec isn&#39t installed, it is totally worth picking it up here.  It does a tremendous job of compressing demos.

If your player doesn&#39t support TSCC, I hope the Quicktime version will help.  I found I had to download the whole file, then click on the icon to open Quicktime, and then double click on the demo image to make the demo start playing.  Am I doing something wrong?  The biggest drawback seems to be that the encoding is four (4) times larger than the TSCC version.  But hey, it works, and I like the way you can drag the progress bar to jump around within the demo.

Thanks to Robert Richardson for helping me understand the codec issues.  If others have advice for me, please send it, since I want to do more demos in the near future.

I&#39ll be evolving this work over the next little while, so let me know about anything that is unclear.  I&#39ll also add some demos of what it looks like using InfoCards on  the compatible sites that have been created by Chuck Mortimer and Ashish Jain.

Once I get more feedback on what can be improved, I&#39ll assemble the tutorial into .pdf format, and make a zip for downloading the samples, .

Someone has asked me what intentions I have for this code.  My only goal is to share information as widely as possible.


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Kim Cameron

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  1. Kim,

    This is great!
    Couple very minor points:
    1) people don't necessarily have the screen capture codec installed on their machines. In my case, Windows Media offers to go looking for it, but doesn't automatically find it. The codec can be downloaded here:

    2) You say SAML 1.1 in the voice track, but the sample HTML we're looking at specifies SAML 1.0. Obviously, we get the idea, but it's disconcerting.

    Anyway, I happen to be writing about InfoCards for the CSI Alert newsletter this very second and I'll point readers to this demo.


    Kim responds – You are completely right.&nbsp I don't know how I could have looked 1.0 directly in the face and said 1.1, but that's life.&nbsp I promise I'll fix it.

    Thanks for the info on codecs – I've already received a bunch of queries about that!


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  3. Thank you for this latest “How to” and introduction. I have been grabbing every detail I can on InfoCard. The recent articles in MSDN have been also enlightening. I am becoming somewhat of a “true believer’. I hope that my current state is really driven by recognition of the NEED for such a system.

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  5. Nice work Kim, this is coming along nicely. A really neat addition would be to add into the demo many different platforms using infocards.

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