I have to be crazy…

I'm sitting here with a new tablet PC – some kind of HP thing which is wonderful except it has a really small screen. Or I have really small eyes.

And I'm writing things out longhand. Which is hard since all the muscles in my hand seem to have atrophied. So even though the handwriting recognition is staggering, the effect is vaguely nauseating.

Maybe I will adapt. After all, recognizing my handwriting is an amazing feat. It would be sad if someone had spent decades on something this impressive and it didn't really matter at all.

And then, at the same tine, I'm trying to figure out how to use this Radio blogging software. I'm using it in WYSIWYG mode . Can I stick in some of my handwriting?

Amazing. That works. After the Newton, I didn't think that my handwriting would ever be read by a machine in my lifetime; and I really didn't think I could paste some “ink” into the radioland interface.

I've got to become less cynical. And I'm working on it as you read.

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