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I'm a techie. Writing is not my thing. Unless there's code coming out of my fingers. Or at least an architecture document or two.

But I can't resist my fate – an irresistable fascination with hard problems – especially the problem which I see as being harder than all the others: that of our identity and what it means as reality virtualizes. I want to be a part of the conversation about identity. And Doc has convinced me that the place to have this kind of conversation is in the blogosphere. After all, where else can it happen?

I want to make it clear that this blog will represent my own opinions – not those of my employer. I was recently called a “Microsoft official” in an article by John Fontana – who is a great guy and wonderful writer – and I have to say he shocked me with that one.

I just don't think of myself as an official. I think of myself as an innovator, someone who brings new ideas to the table, and who works over long periods of time to solve hard problems. In the course of doing this, my colleagues and I make a bunch of decisions so we can execute. Sometimes I report those decisions, but most of the time I'm involved in a conversation – the conversation that defines the technology which animates the market, my take on Doc's ClueTrain.

So there you have it. Other people make better officials than I do. Meanwhile, I hope this blog can be part of a wider conversation – and fun. I guess it's pretty clear from the minimalistic gunk on my page that I'm just jumpng in and will construct my site as I understand more about how this blogging thing all works.

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