I find it encouraging that a number of people are jumping ahead of my exposition and coming up with solutions that do in fact respect the laws of identity (see, for example, various comments by eminently sane people). But I hope you will will stick with me a bit longer as I slog forward trying to tease these laws out of the current example.

I'm not trying to pedantically beat a dead horse – I'm hoping to provide some axioms we can refer to in our future discussions… But for now I need to get some “work” done in my day-job.

I also learned that I can't just drag pictures into my magical radioland window – which explains why the pathetic pictograph I prepared for yesterday's discussion can't be seen by anyone. I'm trying to get the “enable pictures” thing to work, but they don't seem to arrive at the RadioLand cloud site – still waiting for “help to arrive”. When I do post this pictograph I'm sure you will all hear the guffaws!

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