Dave Kearns on Personal Directory

Responding to the Third Law, Dave Kearns asks Is it time for personal directory? He is clearly a long-time champion of this, as am I.

I&#39ve been spending quite a bit of time looking into Dave&#39s long history of serious pieces at NetworkWorldFusion. In terms of personal directory, he did a great series on SMBMeta (proposed by Dan Bricklin of VisiCalc and the seminal Dan Bricklin&#39s Demo Program).

I need to finish off the Laws of Identity but want to come back to this discussion. Dave has made some pretty Kearnesque comments on my investigation of the identity aspects of Bluetooth. Bad news: I&#39m going to come back to them – and not just Bluetooth, but all of wireless networking. But I hope I will get Dave interested too, because I think we can actually get these things fixed and brought into line with the Laws of Identity.


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