Soon come: Interview with Mike Foey

I got together recently with Mike Foley of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to talk about changes currently being proposed to the core Bluetooth protocol – changes which will enhance it in terms of privacy. Mike also told me about the process for making further enhancements over the next few years.

I recorded the discussion so others could share what I was learning. I was fascinated to hear Mike talk concretely about how the understanding of privacy requirements has changed since the early days of Bluetooth. I really believe Bluetooth is a crucible for the industry in this sense – we are seing the same evolution in many other areas, minus – perhaps – the urgency. We also discuss the Fourth Law of Identity and Mike is not only interested but I think understands it deeply because of the wide experience of his consortium.

I should have all this ready to post tomorrow – and hope everyone (including a certain DK) will take a listen. I found the whole thing very energizing.

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