Over the top

Craig Burton has been turning up the volume recently. His recent comment on the sixth law struck me as “right on”:

My take on this law is that Kim is proposing an identity system that transcends the boundaries that we normally think about when considering any service-based system. According to the sixth law, it needs to include both the channel of communications between two machines and between the user and machine. In essence a dual channel identity sytem.

A dual channel identity system is over the top. It is hard to think about let alone concieve and create.

Yes, it is hard. It's hard to conceive what it means. And it is hard to create. But if we want to get to the identity Big Bang, we have to go for it. I mean as an industry.

Craig continues:

Now I am also really curious on how this system will actually work. It would be tough enough to be a dual channel system in a single environment. But proposing that this system be cross-platform (see law number five) is almost too much. The technical and political issues to be overcome with this 7-point-system seem overwhelming. I have concerns about how all this is going to happen. But my concerns are probably unfounded.

Yeah. That's what makes this exciting.

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