FeedDemon Is Just Too Cool

Thanks to Jamie Lewis, who recommended it highly, I've started to use FeedDemon by Nick Bradbury. Probably everyone in the world knows about this product except me, but I thought I would mention it because it has made my life so much easier (yes, my friends, and better!).

I had a wierd experience installing it – it just didn't function even though I rebooted, confessed all the bugs I had shipped in earlier lives, did some mea culpas and everything. Maybe I should admit that I attract bugs like a light attracts moths. Anyway, the next morining FeedDemon worked like a real good demon, and has done so perfectly ever since.

In my moment of failure I had written to FeedDemon technical support with my sad story. Who do you think answered but creator Nick Bradbury himself. I love that connectedness between creator and user. And surprise. He subscribes to this weblog. Nick said he had never heard of these symptoms before, so I suspect my problems have to do with some of the more “experimental” software I have installed on my machine.

Feedster gives you the ability to stay on top of a lot of feeds. It collects RSS feeds (called channels) into channel groups (e.g. “Identity”). It serves up a newspaper for what's new in a channel group. Or lets you peruse the headlines in an email metaphor. And you can opt completely out of the email metaphor as Nick himself does.

Some of my friends use products that display RSS feeds within Outlook. That's a great option, but I like the fact that I can keep my email distinct from my RSS feeds. I already have more than enough to archive and organize in Outlook.

I also look forward to playing with some of the new FeedDemon features like support for podcasting (present in the shipping product). I listen to podcasts by keeping a collection on my 1 gigabyte mobile phone. It looks like FeedDemon already has enough integration with Media Player that I'll be able to automatically get my podcasts onto my phone. I'll keep you posted.

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