Taking the Id out of Identity

Doc Searls, Editor of Linux Journal, has written a note pointing people to this conversation.

Kim's work would be remarkable in any case. The fact that he does it for Microsoft is especially portentious — in a positive way. Kim has always been a tireless advocate for heterogeneity, inclusiveness and interoperability. Given that fact, plus his genius, it's fun to watch the back-and forth between him and other important voices in the Identity Conversation.

I admire Doc as a man who understands a whole lot about our society and sees with super clarity that everything is in motion, in a process of continuous renewal. He always surprises me and that keeps me coming back to the fount.

And he's big enough to allow renewal to encompass all of us, instead of just those of us on “this side of the barrier”. He's one of the main reasons I wanted to blog.

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Kim Cameron

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