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Click 'video clip' at left While perusing the Future Salon, I came across something which I have to call a must-see. To quote the futurists:

ACLU has an excellent video clip out that beautifully crystallizes what is at stake with you and your Identity

This is a brilliant communications work by Micah Laaker of Sedapa, who founded his agency “with the express goal of making content understandable through the use of solid information design.” He's worked for clients ranging from Def Jam Recordings to the Partnership for a Drug Free America, and here he has hit a home run in terms of clarity.

In two minutes, Micah conjures up, with sardonic humor that freezes in mid laugh, a world in which the laws of identity are all broken simultaneously. This is a battering ram for knocking over any system embodying disrespect for identity's laws. That might prompt some to just take it “as propaganda”. But anyone who did that would be missing the point. Micah's piece is a harbinger of what is to come should we, technologists, not succeed in understanding our own subject matter.

One can argue that ACLU has an agenda, and created this piece in keeping with that agenda. Certainly it intends to use the video to influence legislation. But ACLU too is a predictable entity responding to and creating objective phenomena. Another indication that, if we want a unifying identity system, the laws of identity must be taken as laws, not simply architectural principles.

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