The Fifth Law — Sun-Spot-Hot

What an image from Craig Burton. Sun-spot-hot. Let's get this meta mojo moma backplane together so everyone can get on board and chill. Craig doesn't hesitate:

On the 30th of January, Scott Lemon posted some comments about Kim Cameron's Fifth Law of Identity:

Kim Cameron posted his Fifth Law of Identity, and I was surprised that more people didn't just jump in and agree. I was really surprised that Craig Burton didn't jump for joy as the entire law parallels some of the work that Craig led at Novell years ago.

My response to the Fifth Law was a jump for joy:

A cross platfrom identity metasystem is sun-spot hot and–with the other laws being discussed here–changes everything.

Jamie Lewis went into a big explanation on his thoughts about the fourth and fifth laws. I also noted that he goes back an forth between using term “laws” and “principles.” I will just stick with the use of “laws.”

Scott, I know this parallels work I have done before. It is in line with what I have been working on for 20 years. I don't know how I can be more vocal than I have been. To be honest, one of my first reactions was just to keep quiet. But then I realized, in another post it would take a “act-of-Gates” to stop this thing.

Go Kim.

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