Vodafone's Future Vision Site

A reader of yesterday's piece on bodynets suggested checking out this Vodafone site, which is a must-see for the identity affectionado. It's superbly put together, although at one point I got trapped in Vincenzo's incredibly messy bedroom as he played, if you can believe this, a mediterranean version of “This is my dog” to a Mitch Miller-like bouncing ball reborn on a foldable organic screen. But many of the scenarios are very concrete and believeable.

This world is lush with communicators sensing your digital ID and adjusting all aspects of your environment in cahoots with your visual bracelet, a kind of wrappable cellphone that filters incoming events on your behalf. It is Eric Norlin's polycomm scenario gone Hollywood, with privacy issues galore. All in all, a great accomplishment.

Of course we have a lot of work to do in figuring out the implications of the laws of identity for these scenarios. I wonder if Vodafone has a paper on these issues?

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