Passionate Arguments with Yourself

Scoble really broke me up with this one:

Dave Winer breaks away from the EFF over the role that copyrights will play in the future.

I've been having passionate and interesting arguments about the role of copyright in our future systems and communities too. In fact, I've found myself arguing with myself over copyright. (emphasis is mine)

Funny, I was just talking with an old friend who has been looking at the differences between Hegel's and Aristotle's view of dialectics. Aristotle saw dialectic as elucidation of truth through questioning rather than assertion. Hegel saw it as transcendence of the contradiction between what is and what is not. Whatever flavor your prefer, I love how Scoble makes it seem so appropriate and natural. I really like that side of him.

The continuous collision of the cyber and mortar worlds will release vast fields of energy. And I think we'll all be having a lot of passionate arguments with ourselves on our way to understanding what is happening.

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