Scobleizer on Identity

I met Scoble recently when he and Charles Torre of Channel 9 decided to interview me. Funny thing is I thought we were just getting together so I could learn about their approach to video. Well, I learned one thing: if guys with cameras want an interview, they get an interview. These are cool dudes.

Anyway, it was great fun and there is good news. Seems like Scoble thought a lot about what we were talking about. And that's huge, because he, like Doc Searls, can tie identity into a lot of other conversations. Here‘s some of what he Scobleized:

Can't wait for my interview with Kim Cameron to be up… (I think that's video talk for ‘podcast’ … Kim)

I'm now on the identity bandwagon. I don't care if you don't like Microsoft. Learn about identity and see if you can help get us identity systems that put users in control. I'm there. I'll be cheering you on.

One thing: I didn't grok Kim's blog until I met him and talked with him. Now it totally makes sense.

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