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Many readers will already know that I retired from Microsoft after twenty years working as Chief Architect of Identity and other related roles. I had a great time there, and Microsoft adopted the Laws of Identity in 2005 at a time when most tech companies were still under dark influence of “Privacy is Dead”, building systems destined to crash at endless cost into a privacy-enabled future. Microsoft is a big complicated place, but Bill Gates and Satya Nadella were as passionate as me about moving Microsoft and the industry towards digital identity respectful of the rights of individuals and able to empower both individuals and organizations. I thank them and all my wonderful colleagues and friends for a really great ride.

In the last years I led Microsoft to support Decentralized Identity as the best way to recognize the needs and rights of individual people, as well as the way to move enterprises and governments past the security problems, privacy roadblocks and dead ends that had resulted from the backend systems of the last century. Truly exciting, but I needed more time for my personal life.

I love being completely in control of my time, but my interest in digital identity is a keen as ever. So besides working with a small startup in Toronto called Convergence Tech on exciting innovation around Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity, I’ve decided to start blogging again. I will, as always, attempt to dissuade those responsible for the most egregious assaults on the Laws of Identity. Beyond that, I share my thoughts on developments in the world of Decentralized Identity and technology that enfranchises the individual person so each of us can play our role in a democratic and secure digital future.

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