Empire and Communications sleuths, we thank you!

The good news is that Empire and Communications sleuth Janet R located a relatively inexpensive copy here, The bad news is that I bought it.

The good news is that Mark P found a “print to order” copy here. The bad news is that it's…

…still out of my range at $74. The author is listed as Harold Innis, rather than Harold Innes, by the way. First edition, $100 here. Soft cover edition, $61.95 here. Hope these help someone.

Mark is right that I mispelled Harold's name – I have fixed the posting and apologized to Harold.

The good news is that when I receive the copy I just ordered, I will make it available for readers of this blog to borrow (I have my own copy, currently on loan). I've been thinking of getting the book its own I-name to make this easier. I wonder if Drummond has a domain for books? Maybe he will cut me a special deal. Can a blogger be a lending library?

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